In developed countries, the Certified Disability Management Profession (CDMP) has played an important role in managing the Disability Management Program. The workplace-based Disability Management Program focuses on returning previously injured or sick employees to the workforce more safely and productively. It at once, improves the quality of life of employees, saves social costs and reduces the financial costs of insurance productivity against the employer.

Disability management practitioners in Malaysia and around Asian countries now have the opportunity to take the licensing test and are recognized at a minimal cost. The Malaysian Social Security Organization was given the recognition to organize the CDMP certification examination since 2017. The exam uses internationally recognized test protocols, and the same exams are also offered in Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, etc. CDMP is also a title recognized worldwide.

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Certification Awards

Upon successful completion of the certification examination, candidates will be awarded certificates under the auspices of the International Disability Management Standards Council (IDMSC) entitling the use of the official designation mark, CDMP. Individuals who have been awarded certificates are entitled to use the official designation marks as long as they maintain their certification status.

Eligibility Qualification

To qualify for the CDMP exam, participants must have an educational background in health-related field and a documented work experience in disability management. The required duration for disability management related work experience depends on the extent and nature of the applicant’s formal education.

Course timetable


Date                                 : 10 July – 27 July 2023
Examination Fees          : RM 2100.00

Maintaining Certification Status

Ongoing maintenance of certification status requires annual submissions which include all of the following and will entitle the individual ongoing publication and inclusion in the registry of professionals:

  • Renewal application form.
  • Proof of ongoing work experience in the field of disability management with submission of letter(s) of attestation completed by supervisor on employer letterhead (see copy of form letter included herein).
  • Proof of 20 continuing education credit (CEC) hours may be submitted each year, or proof of 40 CEC hours may be submitted every second year and must include credits related directly to disability management competency areas. Original transcripts, certificates or other signed documentation must be included.
  • Completed and signed Statement of Agreement for Ethical Standards and Professional Conduct.
  • Annual membership fee: Please refer to Fee Schedule attached.

The deadline for the annual submission of all documentation and membership fee is: May 31 of each year.

Failure to maintain certification status will require the candidate to repeat the entire certification process by applying to re-certify which includes re-writing the examination and paying the certification examination fees.


For examination details and application status, please contact :
(Please add @perkeso.gov.my after the email the name of the officer to send the email)

Mr Mohd Shakir Mohd Saad
Tel No : 012-6055479
Email : mshakir.msaad
Ms Nur Fazira Binti Kamaludin
Tel No : 012-6055479
Email : fazira.kamaludin
Mrs Famizah Asyikin Binti Azman
Tel No : 019-628 8177
Email: asyikin.azman
Ms Norhashimah Binti Mohd Noor
Tel No : 012-6055479
Email : norhashimah.noor
Ms Syazwina Binti Mohamad Nizam
Tel No : 012-6055479
Email : syazwina.nizam
Ms Nur Shakinah Binti. Mohtar
Tel Nol : 012-6055479
Email : shakinah.mohtar


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